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Brown, Ray

Artist of the Year 2017
Each month at the SAAG general meeting a particular style of art is chosen and SAAG members are invited to submit a piece that is voted on by members at the meeting. From this, the Guild choses an artist of the month, first, second and third place.

In April of each year, all the winners compete to become the Artist of the Year.
Christy Owens
Artist of the Year 2017

“I’m an autistic artist,” Christy Owens said by way of introducing herself. Christy, 23, is the Artist of the Year 2017. She’s mostly self-taught, she said, though she’s taken classes “here and there”. She’s been a SAAG member about three years. You’ll often see her dad in tow.

Christy’s expressive cat, “Oliver“, created using graphite, was the first place winner.

Second place went to Trisha Bergen for her fused glass plate of a dichroic horse on an iridized background.

Judy Trottier placed third with her oil portrait of a "Little Fisherman".
Artist of the Month for September 2017
September's Category
Ceramic Artists
First Place
Karen Palmer
Second Place
Doris Vaughn
Third Place
Diane Taylor
Artist of the Month for October 2017
First Place
Ted Flemming
Second Place
David Ehlan
Third Place
Dan Chevez
Artist of the Month for November 2017
First Place (left)
Annie Wakser
Second Place (center)
Ursela Gurau
Third Place (right)
Marti Norman